Google Plus Local

Google Plus Local

By Sadie on June 12, 2012

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Local search has been playing out in a big way this year with Venice updates and local listings but now Google is promoting Google further through Google plus.

Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming more and more relevant as personalised settings and ip tracking are playing a larger part in what Google decides to display fro particular searches.

For services that are localised Google will automatically display local results higher – this is all part of a very complicated algorithm and SEO still plays its part but local has a bigger impact on particular searches.

For example Googling ‘SEO Services’ in the Manchester area will not only display SEO Manchester companies but also SEO agencies on local listing pages. You will see this happen a lot more in services where call outs are appropriate such as electrician or plumber as Google understands that most users will want people local for this as they can trust local suppliers and won’t want to pay inflated costs to include travel.

Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s answer to getting social you can post comments, updates, share and vote sites and articles by using the plus 1 site.

Last week we saw Google roll out its changes to Google local and push forward with Google plus Pages, anyone with a Google local positions would be transferred over to the Google plus page.

This is a very interesting move, it doesn’t affect the end user experience a great deal from traditional searches but offers a quick access to local amenities in your area through using Google plus.

Changes For Local Business Owners

This is a change for the better, as Google uses its search engines to coerce people into using other products Google plus has some affect in how websites are displayed in the SERPs. These Google Pages will now be displayed not only in local but will have a more prominent position in Google’s prime real estate search engine pages.

This is a good time to make sure your information is correct, you are displaying your business in its best light with images and correct website address and also make sure the marker on the map is correct you don’t want to be sending people to a competitor across the road when they are looking for you.

Get people to review your business , this will be displayed on your Google plus page and can be a great selling point to showcase your unique selling points and customer service.

Think about how you want to market your self, Google plus pages offer a lot more engagement with your customers so you should take advantage of this. Give offers to loyal followers and customers, offer discounts or tips and give them a reason to keep coming back. Engage with your customers and respond fairly to feedback even if it is negative.

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