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Google Maps Gets Lost on Android “No results for”

By Steve on April 23, 2014

Just a quick post this morning in case you ended up getting lost using your Google Maps on your Android device. Using my phone last night and this morning – all results for destinations ended up with the following “No results for…”.

Google Maps  Android - No Results Error

After a reboot and trying on both network data and wifi with no luck, assumed there must be a bug.  A quick “google” (at least that’s working!) and there new thread on the issue, and more importantly – a Google Employee Ryan Kelly is aware of the issue and they are looking to resolve ASAP.

You can view the new thread on Google Groups – Android No results for… Google Maps error. So for now, you’re stuck winding down the window and asking the local idiot for directions, or another SatNav app (such as WAZE, which I highly recommend!). Failing that, why not dust off your old copy of MS Autoroute 2007?!