Google Local For Targeted SEO Traffic

Google Local For Targeted SEO Traffic

By Sadie on December 4, 2009

Google Local For Targeted SEO Traffic
SEO is not an overnight process it takes time to get results, this may not be the time some businesses have and the keywords they use may be very competitive. Getting your site listed in Google local can provide you with faster results for more targeted traffic very quickly.

Let me explain, to use Falkon Digital as an example, one of our main services is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, to get high in the natural listings is very competitive as there are a lot of SEO companies to compete with, also SEO companies will have better-optimised sites (if they know what they are doing), as our site is very young we know it will take a long campaign to rank for SEO.

Ways to improve your chances of success are to use more targeted keywords such as SEO Manchester, or Freelance SEO, as these keywords are more relevant to the service we offer and less competitive the Return on Investment, ROI, is much better. People searching for these keywords are more likely to convert on our site proving to be more valuable traffic and it is easier to get results for this.

SEO Manchester is a localised keywords relevant to where we are located and the Search Engines can validate this by using their Google Maps and Business Directories. By submitting your site to these directories you are telling Google, Yahoo and Bing where you are located so people searching for local results will find you easily.

You may have noticed that often when you type in a keyword with a place or region Google local comes up pointing out the top 5 or 10 businesses in that area, this box with the map comes up before the natural listings therefore above the fold and more likely for a user to click on.


How To Get Into Google Local

It makes sense that you add your business to the major search engines Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local, it’s a chance to get free listings.

You will also need your SEO Company or developer to create a  KML file which is a “location map.”  A KML file is a specialized file format that has your latitude and longitude coordinates of the business locations listed on your website by submitting this file to your Google Webmaster tools it will give Google an added more confidence boost in the location of your business.

By doing the above you will give the search engines more trust in your website as being a reputable business (not just a fake website etc). This will, in turn, help your site get ranked higher in the natural listings as a lot of Google’s placement is based upon trust.

To help yourself come up top in the Google Local listings you should put geographic keywords in your title tags. You will see that Falkon Digital has SEO Manchester in our homepage title tag, this is to show where we are based in the UK and to reiterate our location to Google.