Google Image Search

Google Image Search

By Sadie on September 12, 2011

google art image

Google is often changing its functionality to help users, this way the Google search engine stays above its competitors, one of the ways it does this is by offering specific searches such as news, shopping or image searches. This can be very useful when searching for something in particular.

A little tip on searching for images is to use Google image search, now this can be used to just search for images that are related to a keyword, for example if you are looking for a cat image you can Google cat in the image search and it will bring up images of cat. I often use this search functionality if I want to see what something looks like, for example a breed of cat, or if I am looking for inspiration for a design or photography brief.

Another handy trick you can use with Google search is to drag an image into the search box, this will bring up all the times the image has been used as well as similar images. If you like a particular image you can find images similar for inspiration or if you are a photographer you can see if someone has been using your images for anything.

The below image shows the results when you type in SEO Creative to the Google Search, you can see all the results Google thinks are relevant to SEO Creative, this includes snapshots of our website, the logo and some of our work.


google image search seo creative


If you then drag and drop our logo into the search box of Google image you will see that it brings up any places our logo has been used, including our Twitter page and other sites that link to us.


image search seo creative


As well as using this for finding inspiration and copyright infringments for photography, you can also use this to find links, and to do a competitor analysis on other websites for a SEO campaign or an affiliate marketing campaign.