Google gets Personal

Google gets Personal

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personalised Google results
Google has been working on personalising results for the past year and has recently taken this up a notch with a starring/bookmarking system.

Google’s personalised results have been showing users logged into a Google account more personalised results, recently this has been expanded to include ip addresses. This can be very frustrating as it is difficult to see your website as a new user would find it in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). As part of this years improvements to the search engine Google has now included a star system which effectively allows users to bookmark their favourite websites for particular searches.

This works by Google showing a little star outline next to the search results for a particular keyword. The user then has the option of clicking on the star to save the result so when you repeat the search your favourite website and SERPs result will come up above the organic listings. These starred results will then synchronise with other Google products such as the Google Toolbar and Bookmarks this way you can manage and organise your favourite results all in one place.

This feature will also be rolled out onto Google News so you can save favourite articles, this will also come up with the clickable star icon.

Google has tried many ways to help users find their favourite websites, including personalised search, this new starfeature will most likely overtake the use of Search Wiki, where you can customise and take notes on results, the star is a much simpler way to personalise results and will probably be more popular with every day users.

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