Google Docs Calendar becoming glitchy

Google Docs Calendar becoming glitchy

By Steve on

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At SEO Creative, we are a big fan of Google Docs. We use it for tracking the status of projects using the spreadsheets, logging tasks and resources, and we use a shared calendar for meetings and project milestones. Because we all work remotely, it’s great to be able to all work from the same documents and we can even see each other editing the documents in real time.

I have linked up Google Calendar with my phone, and I have SMS text reminders setup. Normally this works like a dream. For example last week I had a meeting in Manchester, and when I came out of the meeting I had received a reminder about a meeting in Liverpool complete with the address, postcode and telephone number and various other details. However, recently I have noticed that the calendar has become quite ‘glitchy’ for want of a better word.

Yesterday I didn’t receive any notifications, so it was lucky that I knew my schedule for the day pretty well! I thought it was strange, so I double checked the calendar to make sure everything was ok… seemingly so. I then received about 5 reminders through the night as if my timezone had been changed, so I checked it again this morning and it all seems to setup correctly.  Very odd.  I still haven’t recevied any reminders today, so maybe I will receive them tonight?

As I mentioned before, I really am impressed with Google Docs and I’m certainly not going to stop using them anytime soon but this is disappointing from Google. Maybe they are in the process of updating the system which is causing these glitches to happen, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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  1. Ben

    Yes I have had similar issues recently with my calendar. I’ve also noticed that Google docs keeps losing connection and so can’t save change to my document. I would go back to excel but I’m sharing access with 3 other people!