Google Dart

Google Dart

By Sadie on October 10, 2011

Google dart

Today Google unveiled a new programming language called Google Dart, this was originally called Google Dash and hopes to solve the problems with Java Script. According to rumour the developers at Google thought Java script have inherrent issues that will not be solved by evolution therefore the only way to solve this is to develop an entirely new language that is similar in its nature to Java script.

From todays speech it seems as though Google Dart has a lot of potential in web design, development and web apps in particular but its similarity to Java Script has confused many developers who wonder… what is the point of learning a new language when we already have Java Script.

It was project leader and web developer Lars Bak who announced the new programming language, Google Dart, in a speech today in Denmark where he explained that Google Dart will be useful for all scales of project, large and small and has more security and expandability than java script currently has.

Lars Bak stated;

“If we want to focus on making the Web better over time, we have to innovate,”

Google released that the Dart language site will also have open-source tools for writing and developing Dart programs, this will include tutorials code samples and libraries of supporting software. You can also go to the forums to discuss and get help when developing in the new programming language.

If you want more information on Google Dart then you can go to the Google Blogspot where Lars Bak has written a post in summary of his talk in Denmark today. You can also go to the Dart website to see examples of code and the prelimanary tools that will assist you in coding in dart.

Java script is still alive and well and being used a lot on websites and web applications so we shall see how Google dart translates into mainstream development.