Google Caffiene - Where are we?

Google Caffeine – Where are we?

By Sadie on

While Google has been releasing lots of new updates and products (such as Analytics updates and Google Buzz) we are still waiting for Google Caffeine. Announced last summer and expected in December and January the Google Caffiene update has been the most anticipated launch of a Google update I have seen.

Google have recently announced that although we are 2 months late of the expected release they are still a few months away from bringing out their new search infrastructure. SEO’s and web developers have been anxiously awaiting the changes from the Caffeine update, but from Google’s latest update it looks like it will be some time before we see the live Google Caffiene infrastructure.

We were aware of certain IP addresses where the update had been running, but this appears to have changed so at the moment we will not know if we are using an up dated data centre.

A spokesperson from Google said: “we expect to roll it out to all data centers over the coming months.” This is a complete change of mind by Google, as in November Matt Cutts wrote a blog post explaining that Caffeine would be rolled out after “the holidays” – presumably Christmas. “We run lots of tests with this big a change to our infrastructure,” the Google spokesperson said: “We want the new system to meet or exceed the abilities of our current system, and it can take time to ensure that everything looks good.”

Google seems to have gone very hush hush about the release, early 2009 they made a lot of noise about the Google Caffeine update launching sandbox versions for developers to try out and provide feedback. This sandbox was closed at Christmas, which seemed to correspond with an impending January launch.

However January came and went, and other than rumours there was no official Google Caffeine launched across all data centres and IP addresses. At the moment there is no easy way of finding a Caffeine site and would be difficult to confirm if you were using one anyway.

In my opinion Google are doing further testing and modifications that they want to keep hush hush, this may be to keep away from competitors such as Bing, or perhaps they are changing the infrastructure again based on user feedback. I’m sure we’ll find out soon!

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