Google Analytics Real Time

Google Analytics Real Time

By Luke on October 3, 2011

google analytics real time dashboard

What’s happening on your site right now?

On the 29th September, Google announced some new functionality on their analytics programme through a blog post called “What’s happening on your site right now?”. This is probably something that many people have been eagerly awaiting for years, and as the name “Google Analytics Real Time” suggests, this is one of many updates to the new version of analytics that allows users to view their traffic in real time. This is really interesting, as it allows you to instantly see when you get new traffic to your site rather than having to wait a few hours for it to come through. Users can now quickly see the real time impact of their Social Media Campaigns such as new blog posts, tweets, Facebook campaigns etc, as well as working out when to post again when the traffic drops.

Gimme, gimme!

Although a lot of users have already started using Google Analytics Real Time, not everybody has access to it yet. To see if it’s available for you, login to Google Analytics and click on “New Version” in the page header if you haven’t already done so. Real Time Analytics should be an option for you in either the Home or Dashboards tab. If you don’t see this as an option, then you can request early access to it from the following page on Google Services. We’d be interested in hearing what everyone thinks about this, so leave comments below if you’ve tried it out.

Paying for analytics

One of the great things about Google Analytics is that it’s free! However there is now a “Google Premium” package now available, supposedly aimed at larger organisations that have specific requirements not covered by the free version of analytics. Whereas this is a good thing, I can’t help but think this is the start of a new era where eventually we will be paying for these services. For example, we used to use Spotify a lot in the office when it was free. In order to monetise it, they started adding adverts to the free version but had a premium option. They then started reducing the functionality and listening time of the free version until now you really need the premium version! I have a feeling a similar thing is going to happen with Google tools…