Good Website, Good SEO

Good Website, Good SEO

By Sadie on April 25, 2012

A lot of websites are being dropped out of the Google search results for over optimisation or bad links, this is from techniques that Google feel cross the line of being a bit spammy or black hat. SEO is not a dark art or something to be scared of and although SEO’s have been perhaps using slightly unethical methods these have always gotten results in the past so it is not surprising to see how many websites are being affected by these penalties.

Good SEO, and the way we do SEO, is working on your website and business to get traffic from the search engines that will convert. This can be anything from improving the relevancy of your website, improving conversion rates, identifying not just one or two keywords but finding search terms that pay and get long and short term results for these.


Creative SEO

Creative SEO doesn’t just look at Google and keyword positions we look at improving your whole website, brand and overall online marketing, by doing this SEO results will come naturally. People have said for years that content is King, this is partially true but your content has to be good relevant and promote your business. Your SEO campaign should not work independently of the rest of your business but be linked to your overall business plan and goals. Good websites are part of a companies business and marketing plan and now the over optimisation penalties are coming into fruition the quick SEO wins that used to work are no longer getting the same results.

At the moment the Google positions are fluctuation hourly and Google is really trying to find its feet with what is spam and what is not but these changes do mean that your SEO strategy may need to change.

We have always adopted the theory that the core of a good SEO campaign should be a good website that builds the brand and attracts real customers and because of this we are seeing excellent results for some of our SEO campaigns.