Go Viral on Facebook

Go Viral on Facebook

By Sadie on

FaceBook is the most popular social networking site in the world, with over 400 million active users (200 million of them logging on daily). Facebook is a hub of activity and user generated content including uploads of Videos, Images, Links and posts being shared and passed on every day. This makes Facebook the ideal place to launch a viral campaign… doesn’t it?

Facebook overtook other social networking leaders such as MySpace and Bebo over 2 years ago and since grabbing the market share of social and antisocial internet users became the online marketeers first point of call for internet promotions. Since then this has seen an exponential growth with user demographics expanding and Facebook being the place for just about anyone who wants to put anything online.

With no signs of Facebooks domination slowing down it’s about time people took notice of what an important tool it can be with regards to Viral promotions. Here are a few tips on helping your Viral campaign do well on Facebook:

FaceBook Applications – Viral marketing has exploded with the facebook application, catchy games and addictive applications that encourage you to pass on or invte friends have saturated Facebook profiles since 2007. Not all have gone viral and some have disappeared with their tails between their legs and use data capture devices or sublte marketing messages disguised in catchy and addictive games. The Farmville application is one of the most popular at the moment and I get tens of invites on a daily basis. Interactive games are always more catchy and more likely to go viral so these applications tick every box in the Internet marketing for dummies book!

Facebook Adverts – We’ve all seen them, the adverts on the right of your homepage asking,’are you ‘X‘ years old and ‘something on your status‘? ‘Yes!’ I hear you cry, ‘well then ‘such and such’ is for you!’.

Facebook has access to a lot of information on you therefore can use targeted adverts to promote other companies. It is very easy to set up and you can create your own adverts in seconds, you then choose who you are aiming these adverts at, by age, status, geographic location and even religeous beliefs to get you to click through to the advertisers site. Advertisers can pay either for impressions on the page or clicks through to their site or page.

These adverts are an excellent way of getting targeted traffic to your site and getting your message to the intended demographic, this is a very useful form of advertising but is less likely to go Viral.

Facebook Pages and Groups– Facebook Pages and groups are like profiles in which you can invite members, post information, videos and links as well as generate discussions. These are an excellent way to promote your brand and any offers and can be used for business, music, celebrities or just for humour. Some of the most popular fan pages at the moment are things like ‘can this inanimate object get more fans than a popular celebrity’. We have a fan page for our business and feed our blog into it through our RSS, this can be a good low maintenance way of updating your fans with your business.

Facebook Memes
– Internet memes are ideas or concepts (these can also be images or videos) that catch capture peoples imaginations and attention and spread very quickly throughout the internet. A recent example is the Breast Cancer Awareness –females updated there facebook statuses with the colour of their bra. Others include the Urban Dictionary name meaning, and Celebrity Doppelganger week. The trick is thinking of something unique that people will like and relating it back to your site.

Use Your Status – Your status is free to up date and the perfect place to link to your site, be careful though as you may piss peapole off with constant self promotion. Try to make your posts humourous or a bit more subtle this way people will be more likely to use the new ‘share’ feature. By other people sharing your links, your message and link can be spread very quickly and potentially go Viral.

These are just a few ways in which you can use Facebook to make your message go Viral, SEO Creative can help you with all aspects of your Viral Campaign and are adding new seeding services to our site very soon.

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  1. Zeeshan

    I was trying to ignore having a presence on Facebook, but I think, after reading this article, that I should to so. Lets see what difference this makes.