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Twitter is a celebrity endorsed form of social networking and today on Twitter one of the top trends for ‘tweets’ has been Get well Gaga only two day’s after the Haiti earthquake, is the Twitter community that fickle? And is Twitter a quicker way to spread news than traditional updates?

Lady Gaga tweeted on her Twitter page that she had to pull out of a concert due to ill health, this spread quickly as not only did many of her 2,311,637 followers wish her well but due to the amount of well wishers #getwellgaga started trending high on the days most tweeted.

Yesterday the earthquake in Haiti was the trending as many people wished them well and sent tweets of support, but that was yesterday and as quickly as the news broke it has been replaced by todays news. Is this a sign that social media has shortened our attention span? Have we de humanised ourselves to show empathy and feel pain for longer than 18- 24 hours? Or is it just that none of the Haitian victims had over 2 million followers!

As a Twitter user I have found myself rely more and more on Twitter to keep up to date on current events, the added recommendation from people I follow and trust means I feel I am keeping up to date. I get bored by the same old news reports on the radio and on TV, and the news websites rarely have anything new that hasn’t already been summarised on breakfast radio.

I find myself shocked at how Twitter has changed my own use of the Internet. I used to get into work early, check my emails and log onto the BBC news to see what was new before I started work. Now I log on start work, have my mouse poised over Tweet deck and let the news stories come in, the only time I use the BBC website now is if someone has tweeted a link.

The good thing about this is you get to see updates in the news, opinions, amusing summaries and even quick virals on current trends, if the news story doen’t catch my eye in 140 characters then I don’t have to go to the link. The bad thing about it is sometimes things are trending because the are controversial or amusing, not necessarily editorially correct but that is what happens when you remove censorship.

Twitter and other social media can be used to engage with your customers and can also give your brand a personality, making it more approachable. Lady Gaga is now keeping her followers intereste by letting them know how she, Lady Gaga is also making sure her illness does not affect her popularity with a good level of remorse, determination and obviosly a good social media mangement team.

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