Get the most out of your email marketing

Get the most out of your email marketing

By Lee on March 29, 2017

Ever heard the phrase, make me an offer I can’t refuse? Well, companies use email marketing to promote offers regularly, but that doesn’t always mean they’re great offers.

We are going to discuss the best ways and offers to engage with most of your subscribers through email marketing.

Offers and promotions are the bread and butter of email marketing. Give subscribers a good reason to act and it’s all but inevitable that your email marketing will become an occasion for success.

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Which email offers are most effective?

More than ever, businesses need to understand which offers are most effective and how to properly integrate offers and promotions into their email campaigns.

It’s always important to include any offer you may have within the subject line. Some of the most effective discounts are

  • Loyalty incentives
  • BOGO
  • Percentages
  • Money off
  • Free delivery
  • Free gifts

If you don’t include offers in the subject line, your much more likely to have lower open and click rates. So when conversions count, it’s beneficial to make the visibility of certain types of offers very clear for when they land in the subscriber’s inbox.

Loyalty incentives outperform all other categories for opens and clicks.

Loyalty incentive email is another category that performs well. They usually have a much greater opening rate due to the subscriber already being potential interested.

When it comes to conversion rates though they are usually lower than most people expect. Loyalty offers aren’t typically used to incentivize a purchase. Instead, they’re designed to strengthen the relationship with the brand through point redemptions, reviews or other actions.

But despite their lack of conversion power, it’s clear that loyalty incentives get the attention of subscribers more than any other type of offer.

It’s also important to note that this category of email offer works well among loyalty program members: the subscribers who are already likely to be engaged with a brand. They shop at the brand enough to sign up for the program, so it makes sense that they’d be more engaged with the brand’s emails overall.

Percentage discounts and free shipping generate the best conversion rates.

Conversions are especially important within businesses such as retail, where the success or failure of an email campaign is often judged by its ability to convert into sales. While loyalty incentive performs admirably for open rates, they are much less impressive when it comes to conversions.

From a conversion standpoint, the most effective retail offers are a percentage off and free delivery promotions. These promotions result in higher conversion rates because they are most relevant to subscribers who are ready to purchase.

Emails with content that creates engagements will always outperform emails that aren’t relevant to individual subscribers. No offer and loyalty incentive emails create opportunities for marketers to appeal to subscribers using relevant messages that incentivize a wider range of actions — that’s why they benefit from higher open rates.

But for subscribers who are ready to buy, % off and free shipping can generate the highest conversions because they are the most relevant messages for consumers at that stage of the buying process.

There are plenty of different ways to use email marketing as part of your online marketing , however, it’s using your campaign correctly that can be the hardest part. Some of the most effective emails can be ones to customers who have left products in their cart and decided not to buy. If you then chase then up with an email notifying them that they have left something in their basket, an email as simple as this has a great conversion to sales ratio.

Put together an email marketing strategy within your online marketing

Understand your audience, know what you are trying to accomplish, then structure your email marketing strategy in a way that gets results. Most businesses won’t have their own marketing team, so it’s important to choose the correct marketing companies to do this for you.

At Falkon Digital we can put together an online marketing strategy that suits your business and your audience. We can work with you to get the best offers that are most important to your subscribers. If you do need help with your email marketing contact us today and we can start getting results for your business.