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Funny Google Suggestions

By Sadie on January 8, 2010

Funny google suggestion

Google being the helpful search engine that it is, has been changing the way users search for websites, they introduced an auto complete service that finishes off long tail keywords,although sometimes the results are very funny!

Google has introduced many new services to help users find what they are looking for, such as live feed, google news and personalised results. Another service that has been around for a while is Google autofill or auto complete where as you start to type a keyword in, Google brings up guesses based on what searches are trending and other searches you have made from that computer.

This is quite a useful tool for inexperienced Googlers as often you put in a general keyword, such as mother, this could bring up millions of results that are not relevant to what you want. Results like what is a mother, mothers day, advice for mothers etc, by auto filling longer more specific keywords the user can pick which one is most relevant to what they want to find.This stops users from getting frustrated and having to do lots of searches to find a useful website.

This sounds like a great idea, but sometimes the suggestions are a bit odd! Have a look at some of these funny Google auto suggestions!

Google autosuggest

Google autofeed

Funny Google

funny Google

google suggestion

My favourite suggestions are what Google suggest people want to see about ‘Google is’

google is