Friendly URL definition - What is a Friendly URL?

Friendly URL definition – What is a Friendly URL?

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Friendly URL definition - What is a Friendly URL?

What is a Friendly URL?

A friendly URL is a web address that is readable to both a human user of the website and a search engine spider.¬†With many large or dynamic websites the URLs are generally formatted in a way that isn’t beneficial to the user or a search engine from an SEO perspective.

For example, this is the type of URL you may see on a dynamic website:

Ideally the URL would provide both context and relevance to the information on that page. So for example, if the web page was for a web company offering web design services, the friendly URL might look like:

Regarding SEO, friendly URLs can also include page specific keywords to help improve the relevance of those pages. If your site is using unfriendly URLs, you can use mod-rewrites to change all your pages. However, if you do you will need to add 301-redirects from your old URLs to your new URLs so that Google knows that the location of the pages have permanently been moved.

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    1. SEO Creative

      It depends on your site and how confident you are making the changes – I would probably recommend speaking to your web agency, they might do it as a value add if it’s a small job, and if you mess your site up it could be costly.

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