Flash iphone application starts now...

Flash iphone application starts now…

By Luke on

2 new iphones

At SEO Creative we’ve been excited about the prospect of developing applications in Flash for the iphone for some time now. Today, we finally got hold of 2 new 3GS ipods so development can finally start!

Last October we predicted that the demand for Flash developers was set to increase with the release of Adobe Flash CS5 being able to produce native iphone applications. This means that the applications created can run perfectly on the iphone without emulation, making iphone application development accessible to a great number of Flash developers without having to learn the iphone SDK.

I still consider myself to be a Flash game developer having been programming in ActionScript since 2001, and developing everything from retro arcade games like Pacman and Space Invaders, to large multiplayer strategy games and e-learning games. I cannot wait to start developing games and applications for the iphone for my own personal use never mind for client work! With so many people owning iphones now it opens up a lot of potential opportunities, and we have even considered adding some iphone applications to our online shop in the future.

I will keep you posted on our progress as we make a start next week!

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