February 2012 - PageRank update

February 2012 – PageRank update

By Luke on February 7, 2012

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So this month, February 2012, there has been another PageRank update. This is now three months since the last update so it would appear that Google is now going back to the 3 month update cycle it used prior to having no updates for over 12 months. Interestingly the PageRank algorithm appears to have become much stricter as most websites seem to have dropped or remained the same, with very few actually improving (aside from sites improving from i.e. PR0 to PR1 etc).

Now before I receive a load of criticism for blogging about this subject, I should point out that PageRank is not the be all and end all of SEO as many web design and SEO companies would have you believe. In fact, PageRank now plays a really small part to SEO and should be seen really as more of an indicator than anything else.

Here are some things you may or may not know about PageRank:

  • Although PageRank is currently being publicly updated on a 3 month cycle (that we see), Google actually updates PageRank every day
  • PageRank does not affect your rankings, however it is an indication of the number, quality and diversity of links to your site
  • Reductions in PageRank are more likely a result of links being ignored (or lower value placed on them) by the algorithm as opposed to sites being penalised for having particular links.

In the SEO community chatter, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they don’t care about their PageRank and they are not even going to check it on their own or their clients websites. I find this strange, and I wonder how much of it is true or just bravado. As mentioned, your PR won’t affect your rankings however if your site drops from a PR5 to a PR1 I would certainly want to know about it and investigate why it has happened. It would suggest that a lot of the links to the site are now being ignored or having less value associated with them.

How has your PR been affected following this recent update, and do you care?