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#FalkonFriday – Voiceover Talk, Tech’ and a Tackle

By Falkon Digital on May 18, 2018

Voice over for Video Animations in-house

This #FalkonFriday comes at the end of another busy, yet productive week in Digital Marketing for the Falkon Team.

There’s an old saying attributed to John Crawshey, a 17th century Yorkshireman “Don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar,” a saying whose simple lesson teaches that one shouldn’t ruin an otherwise good job by cutting costs on a small aspect of the work.

This week we’ve been putting this lesson into practice by going the extra mile to record some first class audio for one of our client’s websites. A simple microphone might do the job, but when the job needed doing well, we’ve brought in a voiceover artist and used some specialist equipment to make sure that the quality of the audio is just as good as the visuals and the user experience on the finished site.

When we do work for our clients, we occasionally get left with the products or props we’ve used for the job and one particularly large prop has been taking pride of place in the corner of the office for quite some time.

This week, we bade farewell to a collection of rugby gear, branded with the logo of a certain refreshing beverage, as the clients came to collect. It’s been a Falkon fixture for over a year and Steve couldn’t resist giving the tackle bag a ‘try’ (Pun intended), filmed in super slowmo, before it left the office for the last time.


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