#FalkonFriday – The Floss Dance & Reluctant Dancers

#FalkonFriday – Video Marketing and Flossing

By Falkon Digital on June 8, 2018


Newsjacking the Floss Dance for Viral Video success

This week at Falkon Towers, having suggested to one of our lovely clients that they should film themselves doing ‘The Floss’, we thought we’d better practice what we’ve been preaching and try it out for ourselves.

Initially made famous by ‘Backpack Kid’ this simple dance has been cropping up all over social media and everywhere else as celebrities and non-celebrities alike rush to try it out.

Game to give it a try, Chris and Sadie were game enough to give it a go, with a clear disparity between the two as to who mastered those moves, however, not every member of the Falkon team was so keen to give it a try.


Newsjacking for Video Marketing

Why would we suggest that a client do a dance? Glad you asked! ‘The Floss’ is currently trending on social media and like many a social media trend, it has the potential to generate considerable brand awareness if companies can spot the trend early enough to be able to take advantage of the attention this, or any other trend is receiving. Spotting it early and moving quickly is key though, as many such trends disappear as fast as they appear.


If you’ve been inspired by our epic dance moves, by our willingness to get in front of a camera, or by our dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty for our clients, why not get in touch to see how Falkon could help you and your brand get the edge on the competition by helping you embrace the latest social trends, whatever they might be!