#FalkonFriday - The 'Beast From the East', Video Production and Epic Snowballs

#FalkonFriday – The ‘Beast From the East’, Video Production and Epic Snowballs

By Falkon Digital on March 2, 2018


#FalkonFriday – Episode 13 – Video production, Behind the Scenes and Battling the Blizzards

There’s been a chill in the air this week as we manned the barricades here at Falkon Towers and prepared to do battle with ‘The Beast From The East’. We even captured actual video footage of the snowball which felled that monster!

While the inclement conditions have caused chaos elsewhere, the valiant Falkon team soldiered on, through weather which suggested we’d relocated to Hoth and despite unconfirmed reports of Wampa tracks alongside the snow angel in the car park.

Otherwise, it’s been business as usual despite the big freeze.  We’ve been indulging our passion for video production by filming a forthcoming episode of #AskFalkon and getting extra ‘meta’ by filming ourselves filming it. (Don’t forget to subscribe).

Stay tuned for more shenanigans, web geekery and digital insights from the Falkon team in the next exciting episode of #FalkonFriday.