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#FalkonFriday – Star Wars & Storm Troopers Strutting Their Stuff

By Falkon Digital on December 15, 2017


Breathe. Just Breathe. Now Reach out. What do you see?

It’s been an exciting week here a Falkon Digital. We’ve been waiting all year for the release of Star Wars; The Last Jedi and a long time ago (yesterday), the whole team went to a galaxy far far away (to the Printworks IMAX via the Manchester Christmas Markets). To experience this landmark movie on its opening day.

In an office full of geeks, the release of a new Star Wars movie relegates Christmas to only the second most important event in December, but even so, there were those of us who were extremely eager to see the film and those of us who were considerably more excited than that!

One of the team got a bit ‘too’ carried away, dressed up as Stormtrooper and did a happy little dance on Star Wars Eve. From the video, you can tell it wasn’t Chris (he’s a little short to be a stormtrooper), but it could have been any other member of the team! Any guesses?

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While we’re waiting for Rian Johnson to call us for help with Episode IX, we’re still available to produce video marketing content for your brand. It won’t take us two years to finish and won’t cost millions either. Why not fulfil your destiny and get in touch?

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