#FalkonFriday – Fashion, Photoshoot and Filming

#FalkonFriday – Fashion, Photoshoot and Filming

By Falkon Digital on July 27, 2018


The Falkon team took a trip to the lush green meadows of Cheshire, to a converted barn in the countryside, in order to spend the day on a photoshoot, brand photography and video content for one of our fabulous clients a designer skiwear brand.

Arriving early in the morning and with venue hired, model booked, equipment packed and catering ordered, all we needed was for the products and the people to arrive so we could begin.

Anyone who’s experienced a fashion photoshoot might expect a day of barely organised chaos as various issues pop up and are dealt with as the day goes by. This bears no resemblance to the busy but organised and relatively relaxed day of fashion photography we enjoyed.


Preparation is the key to a successful Photoshoot

A little pre-planning makes a huge difference, the entire photoshoot, a winter catalogue showing product ranges for the forthcoming ski season, was photographed and filmed without a hitch. There was even time for a relaxed lunch, capturing some behind the scenes filming and even a bit of outdoor drone footage.

Naturally, capturing raw imagery is just the start, post-production will follow and we’re looking forward to editing and enhancing the day’s footage and photography to show this luxury ski brand’s latest collections in the best light so we can add these to their website and social media channels.


For a fully integrated campaign, All you need is Falkon Digital

To make your brand stand out, you need your products or service to look their best, which requires a great website, a coordinated social media and content strategy along with professional photography and video to attract the eyes and interest of your target audience.

At Falkon Digital, we offer all of that and more besides, giving you and your brand the best of all worlds whilst keeping costs down.

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