#FalkonFriday - A Trip O'er t'Pennines & Video Content

#FalkonFriday – Punctuality, Pinstripes and a Trip O’er t’Pennines

By Falkon Digital on April 6, 2018

#FalkonFriday – Episode 15 – Post Easter Recovery and a Roadtrip To Sheffield

This week at Falkon we returned to diligent Digital Marketing from our Bank holiday break, relaxed, refreshed, revived and raring to go. No doubt we all have many gym hours ahead of us to get ourselves back on track after all that Easter chocolate!

We found ourselves graced with a visit from one of the mini-bosses and made sure we all concentrated extra hard on our work while fixed under her steely gaze.  A gaze which spots all and misses nothing.

At Falkon, we’re a team of talented individuals working together as a perfectly coordinated single unit. Directors Luke and Steve demonstrated the degree to which their respective thought processes are synchronised by dressing almost identically for a client meeting.

Join our Directorial duo as they travel to Sheffield, taking in the stark but spectacular views from the Woodhead Pass as they crossed the Pennines their meeting in Sheffield. It was a great day for a drive!

Will they make it there with enough time for breakfast? Watch this week’s instalment of #FalkonFriday to find out!


Live action isn’t the only type of video content we create

We all know that video content is veritable dynamite when it comes to engaging your audience, holding their attention and ultimately driving sales, but not everyone wants to get in front of a camera.

Although #FalkonFriday videos are typically short films featuring live footage from our week in work, shooting live footage isn’t the only way to create video content. We’ve put together a showreel showing some of the promotional animated content we’ve created to help our clients.

Check out our Animation Showreel below to get an idea of what can be done with video without the need to step in front of a lense.

Inspired? Get in touch and find out what Falkon can do for you!