#FalkonFriday – Our Office Relocation - Moving Onwards & Upwards

#FalkonFriday – Our Office Relocation – Moving Onwards & Upwards

By Falkon Digital on April 5, 2019

Farewell to Falkon Towers

“Time and tide waits for no man”, a saying that teaches us that nothing is permanent.

Altrincham has been the home to Falkon Digital and for over eight years and over those years we’ve happily provided digital services of all kinds and have watched as investment has poured into the area, with the town centre coming alive as a direct result. Unfortunately, that also mean that more and more people want to live near this busy, trendy urban centre and consequently, property developers all over town have seen the value in re-purposing commercial premises as residential property.

Our wonderful office building which has served us well is one such property and the owners have decided to redevelop the building into apartments. With so many businesses in and around the town centre in the same position, there are more companies looking for premises than there are remaining buildings to house them, so we’ve had to say goodbye to Altrincham.

We love Altrincham dearly, but with no room at the inn, we broadened our horizons and looked further afield, finally settling on a fabulous commercial property right in the heart of the thriving commercial hub, Birchwood Park, which is located near Warrington at a strategic location where numerous transport links converge, making it perfect for business of all kinds, indeed, there are hundreds here already!

Anyone who’s moved house or office will attest to the fact that packing up a building full of ‘stuff’ involves finding things you’d forgotten about and being amazed by the sheer volume of things that have been collected and stored over the years. We decided to be absolutely brutal in disposing of some of the items we hadn’t made use of for years. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and some of our old book collection has since found homes with staff from other businesses who were moving out of The Bloc at the same time we did. We hope they serve their new owners as well as they’ve served us!


Moving Up In the World – Literally!

With so little time to plan before moving day was upon us and lots to do, check out our latest Falkon Friday video above for a lowdown on how we managed to make a success of our move despite a number of setbacks and challenges, all the while minimising the disruption to our lovely clients.

With the Falkon Office packed into the back of a Luton van, courtesy of the fabulous Priory Rentals, it was time to make our move out of Altrincham, our erstwhile base of operations and head over to the buzzing business hub that is Birchwood Park on the outskirts of Warrington.

We were able to unload the office into our new premises over the weekend and reassembly (including a set of drawers which had become an early casualty of the move) took place on Monday morning. Thanks to a colossal team effort Falkon Digital was up, running and operational before lunchtime, polished and presentable by the afternoon.

We’re now fully up to speed on the top floor of Chadwick house, with enviable views over the lush landscaped business park we’re in the middle of and already with a pair of Ravens (which may or may not be from Westeros) visiting our window ledge, we’re taking this as a good omen for a bright, successful and prosperous future from our new base of operations.

If any of our friends and clients ever find themselves in the area, feel free to contact us and come and check out our new eyrie – we’ll have the kettle on waiting!