#FalkonFriday - Making Tech, Manchester Meetups & Marketing videos

#FalkonFriday – Making Tech, Manchester Meet ups and Marketing videos

By Sadie on October 27, 2017

This week has been very busy with long hours in the office for Christmas campaigns launching in the next 2 weeks. However, we still found time to film some snippets of life around the office for this weeks FalkonFriday.

We are pleased to have Steve our technical director back from paternity leave (as someone on LinkedIn messaged to say technical directors do all the work… oh how we laughed… and cried a little bit). Steve didn’t come back empty-handed, he brought some tech kit he has been tinkering with, he branded the Falkon Digital thermometer so we can all complain about how hot or cold it is, and he also built a solar panel to charge mobile phones, although the typical northern weather has meant we haven’t successfully charged anything yet.

The directors skived off work to.. erm “network” in Manchester, with some other Manchester Digital experts for Pizza which seemed to be a very long lunch break… apparently, someone got the times wrong? We won’t point fingers 😉

It is October half term but the directors have been working late all week to finish off campaigns (I supposed that makes up for the long lunch), and also got to do some filming for our own video marketing… subscibe to our YouTube channel to see the first video with lots of actionable tips.

Also, it is national mentoring day today so Marketing Director Sadie has made herself available on our Facebook page to answer your marketing questions all day!