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#FalkonFriday – Luke’s Vidsummit Souvenirs, Steve’s imports and a big surprise

By Falkon Digital on October 20, 2017

Friday rolls around once more and it doesn’t seem long since Managing Director and increasingly, ‘International Man of Mystery’, Luke, jetted off to Vidsummit in Los Angeles. He’s back this week, armed with the latest cutting-edge video techniques, gleaned from rubbing shoulders with the best and the brightest members of the video production community.

Video is a key part of any digital marketing strategy. From ‘how to’ videos, to entertaining or informative content, video is an easy medium to pass on knowledge, communicate quickly and for consumers to share content easily. It’s no wonder that successful brands of all types and sizes embrace the opportunities to engage that video marketing provides. It’s for this reason that Luke travelled across the pond to make sure that our clients have access to the very latest ideas and strategies so that we can help them stay ahead of their competition.

While hobnobbing with the movers and shakers in The City Of Angels, Luke didn’t forget the team back home and brought us all back a little something from the West ‘Coast’.

Technical Director Steve is still away on Paternity leave, spending time with his impossibly cute newborn twins. Judging by the number of small packages accumulating on his desk, he’s still managing to almost single-handedly keep the Chinese economy booming. We’re looking forward to his return before his desk becomes buried in a mountain of grey envelopes.

We’ve also taken delivery of a rather large and substantial red mystery box. Noel Edmunds was nowhere to be seen, so in his absence, our Directors opened it up themselves and were absolutely blown away by the generosity of one of our long-standing clients.

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