#FalkonFriday - Everyone is ill - Coughs, colds and man-flu

#FalkonFriday – Everyone is ill – Coughs, colds and man-flu

By Falkon Digital on December 8, 2017


As winter sets in, the steadfast denizens of Falkon Towers demonstrate our commitment to teamwork by all catching the lurgy as one coordinated unit. Apart from Jon. There’s no ‘I’ in team Jon!

Despite not being at our best, we put our digital marketing clients first and soldiered on regardless.

There’s no cure for curiosity something with which we’re all seriously & permanently afflicted. It’s no surprise, therefore, that we experimented with a variety of traditional and not so traditional remedies for the seasonal sniffs and sneezes. The results aren’t conclusive, but our vote goes with the man-flu cure cookies. You heard it here first.

In line with current marketing trends, Falkon is forever keeping itself at the cutting edge of the latest in video marketing techniques. Our clients regularly benefit in terms of engagement, reach and ROI from the videos we produce on their behalf.  It has to be said though, that even though our clients know they can trust us to deliver, each and every time, neither Luke nor Steve can be trusted when they say a video is wide angle or that it’s definitely not zoomed in!

Trigger warning; One of the most disturbing aspects of the ailments going round this season is that some of the most virulent varieties affect ones ability to swallow. Steve appears to have been severely affected and those of a squeamish disposition should stop watching at the 3:28 mark.

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