#FalkonFriday - Deadpool, Doaly and Doing Good Deeds

#FalkonFriday – Deadpool, Doaly and Doing Good Deeds

By Falkon Digital on July 13, 2018


A Marvellous Deadpool Poster

There was excitement this week at Falkon towers as Managing Director Luke took delivery of a large and long-awaited envelope containing an illustrated Deadpool poster signed by the artist Doaly. Anyone who knows the Falkon team knows that we’re all huge fans of Marvel, so this will be taking pride of place here at the office.

One of our visitors this week,  a gentleman by the name of Bird LoveGod, came to see us to talk about some wonderful and worthy humanitarian work he’s doing.


Doing Good Deeds – Compassions in Cambodia

Bird’s concept, humanitarian interventions he calls ‘Compassions’ involves a seven stage process, starting with raising some visiting the slums of Cambodia (to begin with), meeting the people there and seeing what action can be taken to make real differences to their lives by using the money raised to take that action directly.

The aim is to transform people’s lives via direct intervention, we applaud Bird’s approach and are delighted to be taking part in his refreshing and personal approach to tackling poverty head on. Doing good deeds directly.

With many of the charities who do great work around the world, there is a certain and significant portion of donations which go into the administration and marketing of the charity in order to get things done and to both attract and retain donors. Bird’s approach streamlines the process so that as much of the donated funds go to where they’re needed by personally being the link between those with resources to give and those who need those resources. He plans to document the whole process to make it as transparent as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about Bird LoveGod’s personal mission to change the lives of the less fortunate, human to human, then check out https://compassions.co.uk and consider joining in – Cambodia is just the start.


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