#FalkonFriday - Merriment at the Manchester Christmas Market & a Massive Movie

#FalkonFriday – Merriment at the Manchester Christmas Market & a Massive Movie

By Falkon Digital on December 22, 2017


While there’s always a bit of a fuss made on the 25th of December, there are two things which, for us at least, exemplify what the festive season is all about; it’s the ubiquity of the pop-up Christmas Markets and the release of a new Star Wars film.

The whole Falkon team, having fully embraced the holiday spirit, managed to cram both into a single day and took the Metrolink to Manchester for a day of merrymaking.

The Last Jedi is a long Movie, so it was absolutely essential that none of the team passed out from hunger while it was showing. With that in mind, the Christmas market in Albert Square did a roaring trade feeding the Falkons with seasonal delicacies from all over Europe. The sights, the sounds and most of all, the smells dragged us from one stall to another as we made full use of our opportunity to sample the delights of the market. And sample we did!

Appetites sufficiently sated, Steve’s watch reminded us to ‘stay on target’ for a short saunter over to The Printworks Cinema.  With just enough time to squeeze in a few more snacks before taking our seats. We donned our IMAX glasses, broke them, swapped them for adult sizes and settled down for a couple of hours of sheer Geek heaven.

There’ll be no spoilers from us, but our advice is to ignore anything you’ve heard about the new Star Wars movie, get yourself to the cinema and make up your own mind.

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To all of our clients, our friends, our families and our fellow geeks everywhere, may we take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of Happy Christmas’s and we look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.