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#FalkonFriday – Brighton SEO Video Marketing & Video SEO Workshop

By Falkon Digital on April 30, 2018


Brighton SEO –  Video SEO and Video Marketing Training

Anyone who’s anyone in Search Marketing knows about Brighton SEO; one of the largest Marketing and SEO Conferences in Europe, if not The World. With around 3,500 attendees attending the free conference on the Friday it’s a massively popular gathering of the best and the brightest search professionals from around the World.

The day before the main event, there are in depth paid training sessions available for delegates wanting to join a smaller group and receive more personal, cutting-edge insights from speakers who’re regarded as leaders within their field.

Our very own Sadie and Luke, Falkon’s Marketing Director and Managing Director respectively, were delighted to be invited to conduct one such session and took a trip to the seaside in order to pass on cutting edge training to a select group of attendees on the subject of Video SEO and Video Marketing.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Brighton SEO without spending some time enjoying being beside the seaside and Sadie & Luke’s welcome to Brighton couldn’t have been better. The team at Brighton SEO had arranged a spectacular room with a four poster bed and a sea view which was a lovely gesture and shows just how much they look after their speakers. With a little time to spare, our leaders took a moment to enjoy some traditional seaside staples while in Brighton.


Teaching a small group of Video Marketing Experts

With delegates from household name enterprises in attendance, Luke and Sadie took it in turn to pass on their wisdom to a small group. Each of whom had invested a considerable sum to hear what our Directors had to say on the subject of Video SEO and Video Marketing, in an environment where they could ask questions and get answers from our resident Gurus.

Our Directorial due thoroughly enjoyed passing on some of their vast knowledge to an enthusiastic and attentive audience, they also relished the opportunity to test themselves by fielding some thoughtful and searching questions from the assembled video marketing experts keen to take advantage of Sadie & Lukes advanced knowledge.


How Video SEO and Video Marketing can help you

Most people in the search marketing world know that Google is the biggest search engine. Less well known is that the second largest search engine is YouTube not Bing.

With video content being the best content for obtaining and retaining consumer attention, it’s imperative that brands looking to communicate their message to their audience, an audience with a rapidly shrinking attention span, embrace Video SEO and Video Marketing in order to remain competitive.

If you’d like to tap into Sadie & Luke’s vast knowledge and give your brand the edge, get in touch with Falkon and find out what we can do for you.