#FalkonFriday – Double birthday, Drumming and Drone Upgrades

#FalkonFriday – Double birthday, Drumming and Drone Upgrades

By Falkon Digital on November 10, 2017


At Falkon, you can be sure you’ll get more than you expected and Birthdays are no different. Falkon Friday this week coincided with two birthdays in the office; Jon, our resident master of code and Managing Director Luke.

For his birthday, Jon received a desktop drum-kit of unparalleled quality. Our usually reclusive developer was so taken aback that he dazzled the office with his considerable skills and has more screentime in this video than all previous videos combined. Technical Director Steve couldn’t resist getting in on the action and made a valiant effort to match Jon’s drum mastery. The Joker approved, but an office joker left him stumped!

Luke wasn’t left out with the birthday surprises and was delighted to unwrap accessories for the Falkon drone. As a responsible drone pilot, Luke wasn’t able to test out the upgrades in the office, but should the need for aerial photography or aerial video arise, he’ll be right there. Airwolf theme optional.

It wouldn’t be a birthday if there wasn’t cake and committed gym goer Luke showed off his hard-won ‘gains’ by slicing right through Superman, proving himself far stronger than the ‘Man of Steel’. All superheroes have a weakness though and it turns out that white chocolate is Luke’s Kryptonite.

The birthday celebrations concluded with a team lunch at one of Altrincham’s finest eateries, the Lebanese and Syrian cuisine of Yara Restaurant which was heartily enjoyed by the whole team.