Falkon Friday - Unboxings, Tech Upgrades and Tutorials

#FalkonFriday – Unboxings, Tech Upgrades & Tutorials

By Falkon Digital on November 24, 2017


It’s Friday! So we once again delve into our week in Digital at Falkon Towers.

We love taking deliveries and usually the better they’re packaged, the better the contents, today was no exception. Despite an epic struggle, the first delivery of the day proved no match for the scissor-wielding skills of Sadie, our Director Of Marketing.

The fiendishly well-packaged box eventually yielded to her persistence and gave up its hidden treasure – a shiny new Canon Eos 5D Mk IV DSLR. Providing the very best service to our clients requires the very latest tools and technology. This, the latest DSLR from Canon is a significant upgrade to the previous flagship model and adds a considerable resolution boost along with many other new tech features, most notably, the ability to film in 4k. We’re looking forward to seeing what photography expert Sadie can do with this powerful piece of equipment in her skilled hands.

The Canon wasn’t the only package that arrived today. Managing Director Luke arrived back from a meeting with our Sports Nutrition client, arms laden with an enviable selection of their fine wares. Many thanks to our fabulous client for helping us all get the most from our gym visits and helping us to stay hydrated.

When we engage in a website design project and build a new website for our clients, one of the value-added services we provide is to create a video tutorial so they can use it with confidence straight after handover. Here we see Technical Director Steve recording one such tutorial video complete with voiceover.

This week we’ve noticed a certain public figure across the pond seemingly struggling with the task of drinking water, so, ever helpful, the Falkon team recorded a few clips showing how easy it is to take on fluids and making use of our shiny new gifts from our wonderful client.

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