Falkon Digital "Tough it out" to help raise over £4,000 for Parkinson's UK - Falkon Digital Ltd

Falkon Digital “Tough it out” to help raise over £4,000 for Parkinson’s UK

By Falkon Digital on September 9, 2019

On a brisk September Monday, Falkon Digital MD Luke Sherran once again put on his running shoes to take part in an obstacle course race. This time he was once again taking on the North West Tough Mudder Classic event; 12 miles of mud and over 20 obstacles designed to test mettle. Of course with Luke’s history of filming obstacle course race events, he brought his trusty GoPro with him to capture some of the fun on the day! You can see the video here.

What you won’t get from this video, is that Luke only had 3 weeks to prepare for the event as he was invited with only a short amount of notice. However in the build up, he ended up injuring his back and believed he would be unable to take part on the day. But in true form, on the day he couldn’t help himself and ended up taking part and completing the course regardless.

Despite it being such a “tough” course to complete, everyone who took part had tremendous fun. It can feel like a long event when you’re taking part, and some of the obstacles border on being cruel; the ice-water “Arctic Enema” and any obstacle involving electric cables reported high on those lists! But the feeling of accomplishment for finishing is amazing.

Raising money for Parkinson’s UK

At this particular event Luke was running as part of the Allscripts team, and they were raising money for Parkinson’s UK. Including Gift Aid, the team raised £4,322.50 which completely smashed the target of £1,000! You can find out more and donate using the link below:


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