Falkon Digital Take Part In Tough Mudder!

Falkon Digital take part in Tough Mudder!

By Falkon Digital on September 22, 2016

On the 10th September, Luke Sherran Managing Director of the Falkon Digital team took part in the Tough Mudder obstacle course at Cholmondeley Castle. The rest of the team were not able to compete on this date unfortunately but that wasn’t going to stop Luke completing his mission.


The weather was dull to start with however despite it being mid September the sun managed to make an appearance in the afternoon.

Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile obstacle course designed to test physical strength and teamwork of all who compete. The location itself was a big open area with multiple obstacles which made it great for spectators to watch. Tough Mudder typically has over 25 obstacles in total, and there were 28 main hurdles to complete on the day, and a whole lot of mud. Luke’s clean clothes didn’t know what they were in for!

Luke as always had been putting in some serious training in to prepare for the event with regular gym sessions and several 10 km runs.


This was Luke’s first Tough Mudder event; it was very painful from beginning to end and easily one of the hardest events he had ever attempted. After injuring his knee around the 8 mile mark this meant the last few miles became increasingly difficult as the course began to live up to its name. Yet Luke still managed to finish the course in just over 3 hours.

To run the 12-mile course built around the tough terrain would be enough of a challenge on its own, but throw in treacherous obstacles designed by ex-Special Forces and this is the kind of test that would have the US Marines thinking twice before entering.

Although the course was tough Luke still managed to enjoy the course as shown by his smile in the picture below!


Luke did brilliant representing the Falkon team and the video below shows his highlights throughout the course.