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Falkon Digital take part in Born Survivor!

By Falkon Digital on October 19, 2015


On the 26th September, three members of the Falkon Digital team took part in the Born Survivor military obstacle course at Capesthorne Hall. Pictured above from left to right is Stephen Ludgate, the Technical Director, Luke Richardson, Marketing Exec, and Luke Sherran, Managing Director. They were hoping to joined by a fourth team member in Sadie Sherran, however after still feeling the after effects of being concussed in the X-Runner event she decided to give this one a miss!

The team couldn’t have asked for better weather on the day; despite being late September it was glorious sunshine, and the photo below shows how happy they looked, blissfully unaware of the challenges that awaited them. 10km, 31 obstacles and a whole lot of mud lay before them, and those fresh faces and clean clothes were going to look very different at the end!


Luke Sherran and Steve had put some serious training in to prepare for the event with regular gym sessions and several 10km runs. With all this in mind, they were still being dragged forward by the youthful Luke Richardson who, despite not really training, considered buying a hot dog moments before the race. Luke Sherran warned him to pace himself and not to burn himself out early on, but he never showed any signs of fading!

The race started off much like any other obstacle course race, with a few more military style themed obstacles involving commando crawling and barbed wire. However things started to get really serious when the team encountered the fire trench.  This involved climbing into a pit of extremely muddy water and climbing on your back through a trench. If you look at the picture below, you’ll see a pair of hands…


The next major obstacle was Drop Zone Alpha, where the team took it in turns to drop into yet another body of muddy water. The picture below shows Luke Sherran leading the way, moments before his GoPro camera was lost forever in the mud! He may get over it one day.


Steve followed shortly after…


Everyone in the office LOVES this picture of Luke Richardson!


Midway through the course, the famous Blitz awaited us. Each member of the team made it up this slippery half pipe first time, but Steve was the only one to do it without using the rope (the two Luke’s regret this decision to this day, mainly because they were “bested” by Steve!).


Other obstacles on the course were designed to test your strength, grit, balance, endurance, technique and teamwork. Although the Falkon team are a competitive bunch, it was a team effort to get through the course on the day and no man was left behind! Even when they eventually got Luke Richardson over the 10ft wall!

The final obstacle was the Grenade monkey bars. Luke went first and opted for the normal bars, with Steve following shortly afterwards.


Luke again astonished the team with his youthful agility by completing the rings!


The team completed the course in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and thoroughly enjoyed the event. The feeling of accomplishment from completing a course like this can only be “earned” – they seemed quite happy at the end even if they are a bit mucky!


The team filmed the event with GoPro cameras, so footage of the day will be uploaded to YouTube soon for everyone to view.

If you’re interested in joining the Falkon team, we’re currently recruiting for two positions! If you’re a talented website designer or a front-end developer, then get in touch.