Falkon Digital take on the X-Runner Wild Mud Run 2017

Falkon Digital take on the X-Runner Wild Mud Run 2017

By Lee on April 3, 2017

On the 1st April 2017, four members of the Falkon Digital team took part in the X-Runner Wild Mud Run 2017. Luke, Steve, Lee and Jon took on the 10km challenge and 58 obstacles in Osmaston, Derby. The obstacle course race itself contained lots of running, climbing, swimming, jumping over fire, cargo nets and as the name suggests a whole lot of mud.

X-Runner obstacle course race

The race started at 10.30am as they were in wave 4. The entire Falkon Digital team had been training hard building up to the event in the gym and running whenever time allowed.

The obstacle course is a 5km lap which the team had to courage to do twice. The obstacle course started with the hay bale walls and then followed by the commando crawl, which gave the team their first chance of getting dirty crawling through the mud. The next obstacle was the X-Stream allowing everyone to wash off the mud they had got covered in minutes earlier as they walked through.

They then had to climb over several vertical walls and run up a few muddy hills before approaching the first really muddy part of the course. As the title suggests it wasn’t just the obstacles that the Falkon Digital team found tough on the day. The course was packed with mud and after climbing several vertical walls on the course, it went as high as your knees, which made it tough to endure. After completing a few sections of mud the team and a few more obstacles it was time for the team to get clean again by sliding down the water slide and into the lake.

The next few sections of the course involved some monkey bars, open water swim and some tight fit tyres to get through before sliding down the tunnel vision slide which Lee managed to loose his Go-Pro on during the first lap.

Upon completing 2 5km laps of the course the team endured one final obstacle which was the free fall. This was a 10m jump to complete the race on to an inflatable bed before crossing the finishing line and claiming their medals!

The team picked out the Tunnel Vision, Monkey Bars and the Water Slide as their favourite obstacles on the day.

X-Runner Video Highlights

Luke, Steve and Lee all filmed the run using their cameras. Luke and Lee both used the Go Pro Hero 5, whilst Steve used his SJ Cam. They all used mounted their cameras to their heads and recorded the entire race for us to enjoy after.

Although the event took place over a couple of hours, the best bits of the footage were each individuals footage were edited into YouTube videos so we could share the fun of the day with everyone.

Take a look at each of the highlight videos below from Luke, Steve and Lee.

Steves Highlights

As you can see from Steves video he managed to capture the entire Falkon Digital team slipping and falling over throughout the day. In our opinion, this is what makes his video the best.

Lukes Highlights

Lukes highlights are a great summary of how the day went. It shows the Falkon Digital team working and laughing together throughout the day whilst they get as muddy as possible.

Lees Highlights


Lees video is the longest of the 3 captured on the day however it does show more obstacles than Steves and Lukes. His video contains records every obstacle course there is during a 5km lap.

Falkon Digital Team

This was the first X-Runner event the team have completed in 2017. The last time they did the mud run course was in April 2015.

Despite the team getting very cold, wet and muddy during the 3-hour race they have already said they would love to defeat the obstacle course again and are willing to take on even more obstacle course races in the future. So, this might not be the last obstacle course race you see the team take part in this year.

Falkon Digital are big advocates for physical fitness. The entire team works hard during the day knowing they have the gym to look forward to in the evenings!

We believe that a healthy body creates a healthy mind which is why we encourage every member of Falkon Digital to exercises and they are provided with a free gym membership at Total Fitness to help them achieve this.

Official X-Runner Photos

Here are just a few of the official photos from captured during the day of the team wearing their Falkon Fitness t-shirts!

Falkon Digital

Falkon Digital Falkon Digital
Falkon Digital

Falkon DigitalFalkon Digital