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Falkon Digital refresh the Canning O’Neill website

By Steve on January 15, 2014

Canning O’Neill are an established and well known commercial letting agent for offices in Manchester, and their website and online marketing activity has been an important factor over recent years. However the previous version of their website was developed in 2009, and despite still performing well, it was starting to look dated.

Falkon Digital were commissioned to refresh the design of their website, and we’re very pleased to announce that the new site has been launched today! You can view it here:


Here is a screenshot of the new homepage below (2014):

Here is a screenshot of the old homepage (2009):

Although we kept a large portion of the functionality the same, we simplified the property search by reducing the number of required fields and simplifying the input to drop downs. Although this is not a responsive website (yet!) the drop downs helped cater for mobile, tablet and touch screen users that previously would have been unable to use the slider mechanism. The biggest changes were made to the CMS (Content Management System) which improved the speed and ease of managing and updating the content.

The website design included a lot of modern web trends such as flat design, big images, a clean and often long scrolling page layout, modern fonts and a large hero area on the homepage to focus the visitor on the property search. Additionally we improved the “featured property” functionality as well as including “related properties” on relevant pages. This is designed to encourage an increase in page views and the time each visitor spends on the site, and ultimately help them find what they are looking for.

The update to the design included revising the company branding to a flat, but bolder design. The new branding will be rolled out to the company’s printed material and billboards throughout Manchester and the Northwest, so keep an eye out for it on commercial buildings in the coming months.

We’re very pleased with the final implementation of the site design, and in contrast with the old website it seems light years ahead. Hopefully visitors to the site will appreciate the design and functionality updates, and it will be well received. Let us know what you think.