Falkon Digital at the Cutting Edge of Fundraising

Falkon Digital at the Cutting Edge of Fundraising

By Falkon Digital on August 20, 2014

Sadie (3)Falkon Digital director, Sadie, is cutting and donating her hair for wigs for children who are undergoing chemotherapy, the more money raised the more hair cut.

The Falkon Digital are very keen on raising money for charity, none more so than director Sadie Sherran. The normal fundraising activities including running, or growing hair, but this time Sadie is cutting her recognisable long locks for charity.

Sadie has had long hair for years, her long dark hair comes down to her elbows and is the rapunzel of the office. But no more, on the 30th August – 5 days before a family wedding, Sadie will be cutting her hair. She needs to cut off more than 7 inches for the hair to be donated but she has set the challenge to raise money for cancer research that the more money people can donate, the more hair she will cut.

The Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. The minimum requirement is that hair must be 7 inches long, which Sadie can easily cut. She will tie her hair in a pony tail and a hairdresser will cut her hair above the tie. Then the ponytail is bagged and sent to the Little Princess Trust where they have a volunteer wig maker who will make a real hair wig for a child. These wigs can cost over £1500 but the trust gives boys and girls a confidence boost by giving them their identity back through hair.

Cancer Research

Cancer research is a charity we support regularly as the research helps all areas of cancer. Sadie has set up a fundraising page to send funds directly to Cancer Research UK, the more money raised the more hair she will cut off and donate. Up to £250 he will cut the minimum 7 inches to send, she will then cut more inches depending on how high the amount goes, and if she can get £1250 and above she will donate over 15 inches of hair. This is a big jump and Sadie is hoping not to go that short but wants to raise as much money as possible.

charity hair cut scale


If you want Sadie to cut more hair then dig deep and donate!


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