Falkon Digital complete the X-Runner Wild Mud Run 2015 - Falkon Digital Ltd

Falkon Digital complete the X-Runner Wild Mud Run 2015

By Falkon Digital on May 12, 2015

The video

Extreme Obstacle Course

On the 18th April 2015, three members of the Falkon Digital team took part in the X-Runner Wild Mud Run 2015. Luke, Steve and Sadie took on the 10km challenge and 64 obstacles in Osmaston, which involved running, climbing, swimming, jumping over fire, cargo nets… oh, and a lot of mud!

Luke filmed the run using a head mounted GoPro camera, while Steve used a chest mounted GoPro. Although the event took place over a couple of hours, the best bits of the footage were chopped down into a nice 9 YouTube minute video so we could share the fun of the day with everyone (see above).

This is now the second X-Runner event the team have completed in 2015. Falkon Digital are big advocates for physical fitness, especially as they spend a lot of their time sat down at their desks! A healthy body plays a big part to having a healthy mind, and so all activities are encouraged and every member of Falkon Digital is provided with a free gym membership.

Official Photos

Here are a few more official photos from the day!