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Falkon Digital are at VidSummit 2017 in LA

By Falkon Digital on October 3, 2017


Next week Luke Sherran, the Falkon Digital MD, will be attending the 4th annual VidSummit event in Los Angeles from the 10th – 13th October.  This is an amazing opportunity to get access to some of the world’s leading video marketing experts and gaining some incredible industry insights.  Luke has been following the work of the organiser, Derral Eves for a long time and indeed has watched not just Derral’s content but videos of previous year’s speakers in other VidSummit conferences.  He’s been researching and putting their insights and strategies into practice as actionable changes to both his own videos and client videos with huge success.

This has further cemented the fact the importance of video and video marketing for the success of our clients. As such when tickets became available for 2017, we immediately cleared the diary to make sure he could attend.  This year the line-up for the VidSummit speakers is incredible and a who’s who of experts and influencers, sharing the truth of what they do to a small percent of those able to attend the conference. The difference with VidSummit compared to other marketing events is that this is not a meet and greet for fans to speak to content creators; it’s an opportunity for creators and agencies to learn about the latest strategies, techniques and insights from the top 1%.

This is a list of some of the top speakers at the event:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (Founder of Vaynermedia)
  • Shaun McBride (Shonduras, Inc)
  • Matthew Patrick
  • Peter McKinnon
  • Cyreneq
  • Niko Pueringer
  • Judy and Benji Travis
  • Sarah Weichel
  • Garrett Gee
  • Stephen Sharer
  • Rachel Farnsworth
  • Nykelle Schlofman
  • Ricky Ray Butler
  • Matthew Faraci
  • Derral Eves
  • Travis Chambers
  • Bryant Garvin
  • Dan Lok
  • Rob Sandie

Other high-level speaks include:

  • Matthew Geilen (Founder and CEO of Little Monster Media Co.)
  • Luria Petrucci (Co-Founder Live Streaming Pros)
  • Carlos Gil (Head of Global Social Media BMC Software)
  • Joel Comm (Liver Video Expert and New York Times Best Selling Author)
  • Robert Blake (Creative Entrepreneur, CEO of Create Awesome Media)
  • Vincent Seah (Principal Data Scientist at Fullscreen)
  • Jonathan Katz, Esq (CEO & Co-Founder of Clamour)
  • Mark Robertson (Video Marketing Strategist, Founder ReelSEO)
  • Owen Hemsath (Video Marketing Consultant)
  • Jake Larsen (CEO Video Power, Video Marketing Strategist)
  • Carter Sharer (YouTube Creator)
  • Jeremy Vest (Founder and CEO at VidPow)
  • Tommie Powers (Digital Marketing Consultant)
  • Jeremy Johnston, JD (YouTube Attorney, YouTube Vlogger)
  • Sean Cannell (YouTuber at Think Media, Co-Founder of Video Influencers)
  • Paul Colligan (Social Media Marketer)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you should recognise most of the names on this list!

Luke will be vlogging on his trip for the Falkon Digital YouTube channel, so keep posted for updates next week!