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Falkon Digital – 2017 In Numbers

By Falkon Digital on January 4, 2018


Falkon bids a fond farewell to 2017

As we look forward to what exciting innovations, marketing advances and new technologies 2018 will bring for us to master, we take a moment to look back on Falkon’s 2017 in numbers – some of our favourite moments from last year.


Web Geeks to the core

Websites are at the very forefront of what we do. Wonderful, smart, clickable and effective websites. We launched 27 of them last year. With well known web tech such WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento being amongst those we’ve used to craft sites for our clients, we’re proud of what we’ve created and of the value we added to everything we made.


Our passion for video

A picture speaks a thousand words and Video’s deliver up to 60 images per second! Video marketing is an incredibly effective marketing tool and it’s something we love to do. In 2017 we launched the #FalkonFriday Vlogs to document the weekly adventures of the Falkon team and give our fans a bit of behind the scenes insight into what goes on. Turns out that’s mostly Steve and Luke eating things while practising their gurning.


2017 in numbers – Falkon Gainz

In order to keep ourselves in shape and to keep ‘Fat Fridays’ from being the death of us all, we try to balance our love of coffee, cookies and pizza with some serious gym and track time. Racking up some stat’s we can all be proud of, Falkon spent 2017 going further and faster. We’ll do the same for you!


Five figure tech spend!

Staying at the cutting edge of technology doesn’t come cheap and there’s been a little tension at Falkon Towers as the Directors have owned up about how much they’ve splurged invested in the latest tools gadgets and gizmos this year.  While the price tags might cause Luke’s left eye to twitch from time to time, our enviable equipment collection has allowed us to create some truly wonderful things for our lovely clients, while keeping costs down by doing it all in-house.


The Falkon team expanded

While agencies proudly claiming to be Marketing Ninjas and SEO Ninjas are a dime a dozen, we’ve gone one better and brought on board an actual Ninja (or close enough) to join our team and give our marketing campaigns some added punch.

In the meantime, we’ve welcomed the birth of future Falkons in the form of a beautiful pair of twins. We can tell they’re going to grow up to be master digerati – they’ve already hacked our hearts!


What can we do for you in 2018?

In an industry where the latest surefire marketing techniques can become old hat in record time, you can rely on Falkon to go the extra mile. Literally.  Whether it’s by land, by sea or by air, we make an effort to attend the best industry events around the world and bring back the newest ideas and techniques long before they become mainstream. By the time everyone else is doing it, we’ve picked up something even newer and are doing that instead. If you want to know what’s going to be hot in 2019, look at what we’re doing this year! Why not get in touch – Maybe we could do that for you?