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Facebook’s New Mobile First Video Tools

By Falkon Digital on August 24, 2018

Facebook's New Mobile First Video Tools

Mobile First Video Tools From Facebook

It’s been well known for some time that video content is the best content in terms of retention and engagement. It’s also been well publicised that accessing the internet via mobile devices overtook desktop in terms of popularity a couple of years ago.

With this in mind, the news that Facebook; the most popular social media platform,  has released a set of video ad creation tools aimed at mobile users should definitely pique the interest of digital marketers, brand managers, and anyone else who uses the platform for advertising.


Create to Convert – from Facebook’s Creative Shop

One of the more interesting and easiest to use of the new Facebook video tools is the facility to transform still advertising images into simple motion videos with very little effort or practice. There are four ways of doing this;

  • Basic Motion – As the name implies, this is the simplest way of creating video content from still images by sliding and overlaying still images to create motion and interest.
  • Brand in Motion – A way to bring elements of your business logo and branding together in order to create recognition and awareness.
  • Benefit in Motion – An animated way to outline the benefits of your products and services or alternatively, a way to let your audience know about special offers, discounts or testimonials from previous customers/clients.
  • Demo in Motion – Essentially a short ‘explainer’ video showing informational or ‘how to’ style content.

All four methods of using lightweight video production to animate still images offer the option to add a call to action at the end in order to drive audiences towards your conversion target objectives.

According to Facebook’s own studies, nearly 70% of the brands in their test group using the above methods in their Facebook ads experienced a conversion rate well over five times higher than still ads alone, with the cost per registration being nearly six times lower.


Facebook Video Creation Kit

Facebook’s Video Creation Kit is a set of templates to allow the creation of square and vertical videos for use in ads or page posts. There are four templates, each with a specific purpose, duration and requirement for images to use when auto-generating the video in either format, with the option of calls to action at the end.

  • Promote a Product – This template needs between two to five images and lasts for six seconds. It’s very simple and overlays images over each other with a slight zooming effect and the option to also overlay text.
  • Drive Product Discovery – This template is much longer at 15 seconds and can incorporate up to six images. Just like the first, simple zooms are used, but images can also tile, slide in and pan to add interest.
  • Sell Multiple Products – Another short (six second) template, for which you’ll need between four and seven images. This template uses more eyecatching animation methods to instantly attract attention.
  • Show Product Benefits – Like the product discovery option, this template is 15 seconds long. Using between five and 10 images and having the slight zoom seen elsewhere along with a different transition effect, this template can be used to add more detail than the other post types.


Video Cropping Tool – Let’s talk about Aspect Ratios

When we’re in the cinema watching a movie, or at home watching our widescreen TV’s, the 16:9 aspect ratio is the one we’re accustomed to – the horizontal edge of the screen is longer than the vertical. Most smartphones and tablets will also display in this ratio when held sideways, however, holding a phone sideways feels less natural, meaning that for most of the time, we’re using them in the 9:16 ratio – where the short edges of the screen are horizontal.

While filming in the 9:16 ration is starting to gain acceptance, the 1:1 (square) video format has been a great choice for Facebook video for some time due to it working just as well no matter which way the device it’s being viewed on is orientated.

Creating square videos, while fairly easy to do, usually requires access to software with the capability to convert video aspect ratios or one of a host of online services which do the same. Most of which aren’t free to and require at least a little knowledge to use.

The new Video Cropping Tool allows users to easily crop existing videos into aspect ratios suitable for where on Facebook the videos might appear;

  • 1:1 – Best for Facebook Feeds
  • 4:5 – Also good for Facebook Feeds
  • 16:9 – Standard format, good for In-Stream
  • 9:16 – For both Facebook and Instagram stories


Brands Must Step Up To Stay Ahead

These new video tools make it very easy for Facebook advertisers to create far more engaging advertising campaigns from their static image assets with very little effort or practice, which means that those who only advertise with still images are likely to find their ads get far less attention.

Brands who’ve already been benefitting from the increase in visibility offered by even simple video content are likely to find that they’ll have to come up with better video content in order to stand out now that these new video tools allow smaller advertisers to level the playing field.

Video will continue to be the gold standard when it comes to marketing content, but with video creation being ever more accessible, brands wanting to stay ahead of the competition should be thinking about better quality videos with higher production values in order to stand out and attract the attention of an increasingly spoiled audience.

At Falkon Digital, we’re recognised as being leaders in the field of video marketing. Our Directors regularly attend and speak on the subject of video content at leading industry events, both National and International and our entire team is YouTube Certified, we’re the agency other agencies turn to when it comes to video content.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business stand out from the competition, contact us to discover what Falkon can do for you.