How the latest Facebook update affects video analysis

How the latest Facebook update affects video analysis

By Lee on April 18, 2017

If you’re a business it’s time to understand how the latest Facebook update will affect your business page and social media marketing from the changes they are making with the insights tool.

Earlier this week Facebook added some new measurements. They changed an existing one and removed another for businesses that track their organic videos’ performance using the business page insights tool.

 How the latest facebook update affects your business

Here’s a breakdown of the latest facebook updates, from the measurement that is going away, to the one that is being changed and even the ones that are being introduced.

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Changes to total video views

If your business cares how many of your total video views lasted at least 10 seconds then you will be disappointed to learn that with the latest Facebook update, you’ll have a hard time finding these stats.

Facebook will no longer display a chart plotting the total number of views by day and time period that lasted at least 10 seconds. So businesses who use their business pages for social media marketing will need to accept the chart plotting three-second views or use Facebook’s Graph API to access the aggregate 10-second views number.

Businesses are still able to use the business page insights tool to see 10-second view counts for individual videos.

Changes to views in specific time period

Up until the latest facebook update, when pages broke down their video views for a specific time period, Facebook only counted views for videos that were uploaded within that time period. However with the recent facebook update now the total views metric will report all of the views for a given time period.

This is a positive to take from the latest facebook update and should help most businesses to analyse their results easier and help to put better social media strategies in place.

Changes to how videos performed over time periods

If you have been frustrated in recent years at trying to find out how your recent videos performed compared with past time periods well now you can finally do just that. Pages can now pick out a time period in the past and compare aggregate measurements, like total three-second views, for that time period with the most recent time period spanning as many days.

As a business, you can now select a seven-day period from a year ago and you will now see that you can compare with the same measurements over the most recent seven days.

Changes to how many minutes people spent watching a video

If you care how many total minutes people spent watching all of your videos then you will be happy to know that the latest update finally gives you exactly what you’ve been asking for. Facebook now shows the aggregate number of minutes people spent watching all of a Page’s videos.

Changes to your top videos

If you want to see which are your top videos based on minutes viewed, Facebook is adding that option. Facebook has provided a ranking of a page’s top videos for a given time period based on the number of three-second views each video received.

Now it’s adding an option for Pages to see their top videos based on the total number of minutes people spent watching each video received.

Are the facebook updates positive or negative?

When you take a look at the overall changes from the most recent facebook update it’s certainly more positive than negative. Of course, it will be frustrating finding a number of total video views but for everything else, the Facebook update seems to of answered lots of people’s questions regarding their videos.

Now that is easier to track your videos stats within your business pages make sure you use this added information to fit within your online marketing.

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