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Facebook Marketing to Businesses

By Sadie on February 12, 2016

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The general consensus is that Facebook is the social platform, it is no place for business, however you can get surprising success  with B2B marketing on Facebook.

LinkedIn is for Business, Facebook is for Friends

This is true when it comes to connections, you don’t add your clients on facebook for them to see tagged photos of you having drinks on a Friday night, you connect with business people on LinkedIn as a general rule.

Of course there are some cross overs where work colleagues become friends and some friends become clients but generally Facebook is for staying connected to friends.

However as Facebook has evolved the amount of information the platform gathers about us as individuals is frightening and this gives Facebook a marketing edge for businesses connecting to individuals.

Creating  segmented Audience personna’s

You can get a lot of data about your target audience, how they use the internet from your Facebook insights, Google analytics and even your own customer service feedback.

Although you cannot target a specific individual you can segment common traits and likes. Using this information you can use Facebook targeting to get in front of these people and create a compelling ad that will convert.

What about Businesses on Facebook

Businesses are made up of decision makers, it could be a Managing director, a researcher, a project manager, HR manager; depending on your business you will be dealing with similar decision makers.

These decision makers are not faceless individuals, they are people who have lives and hobbies outside of work, many of them will make up the billion users on Facebook.

Some may already be fans of your Facebook page if you have been using the right content, some may not have heard of you but will still be interested in your content, your services or your products.

Facebook encourages people to give as much information as possible to them, they encourage you fill in your work information, school qualifications, geographic location, this information alone gives you enough to get an idea of who the correct person to make a decision could be.

Segment this further into more personalised ads based on interests and audience and you can really engage with the user.

It is important for all B2B marketing to remember that you are not always trying to reach a company but a real person who is a decision maker.

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