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Facebook Changes to Business Page Reach

By Sadie on January 12, 2018

Facebook algorithm updates to business pages

The biggest social media news today is that Facebook is limiting the reach of business pages, in a bid to be more meaningful, but what does this mean for business?

Mark Zuckerburg announced on his own Facebook page last night that Facebook will start to prioritise content shared by friends and family above business pages.

This is not a surprising move as we already saw announcements that they will be cracking down on ‘engagement bait‘ and we have already seen organic reach of pages struggle lately.

However, Facebook makes a lot of money from businesses in advertising so we may see more opportunities and ways of getting creative with the sponsored ads as this will inevitably be an immediate route to more Facebook exposure for business and how Facebook can continue to be profitable.

The environment of Facebook is too valuable to businesses to step away from, therefore we expect to see more creative solutions adopted.

We expect to see community-driven business solutions as well as an increase in brand groups, which have been growing fast with great results.

We also expect more storytelling from brands and live videos to keep current (not passive).

If you are concerned about this recent announcement and how it will affect your business page, chat with us about how we can help you get more reach.

Mark Zuckerburgs full post here

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