Express service

Express Service

By Sadie on September 15, 2009

At SEO Creative we use freelance designers and developers to keep costs down, another service we offer is quick turn around. This is our Express Service.

Many agencies have a high workload as they need to cover many overheads and be making a suitable profit before hiring more staff, some members of staff are not what we would call productive staff, this is not to say they don’t work but when you pay an agency a certain amount of your money goes to non productive staff like managers, customer service, sales people and commisions, and administration. As we use freelancers the money you pay goes to developers, designers and experts in SEO and we will bill you only for their time.

Freelancers like this as they get the money for their work without having to do sales and clients like this as it keeps the costs down. Another benefit to working like this is we don’t have a payroll to support, we do however have a many freelancers to call upon in an emergency. If your client has some work that needs to go out the next day, we have an overnight and weekend express service that can do this.

Agencies cannot easily get their staff to work overtime without paying huge amounts as Human Resources will need to be notified of working unsociable hours and their are health implications. We can call on our freelancers who have given us availability to get the work done and full time freelancers can take the breaks during the week instead. Some agencies will have more sales coming in than developers to work, this causes delays in work getting started or finished, again at SEO Creative we can always ring in more people to get the work done quickly and our clients have always been pleased with our turn around times.

For more information go to our Express Service page and if you need a project quoted and started quickly email