Everything you need to know about Insta Pods

Everything you need to know about Insta Pods

By Lee on June 16, 2017

With Instagrams latest algorithm update last year we look at everything you need to know about how Insta Pods and how you can use them as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Insta Pods

What is an Insta pod

An Insta pod is a small community group who help one another on Instagram through likes and meaningful comments. The members of the Insta pod will engage with the content of others in their group as soon as the post goes live. This manipulates Instagram and tells it a particular piece of content is generating engagement and to push it out more.

To understand what an Instagram pod is in greater detail read our blog post

How to start an Insta pod

To start you Insta pod you will need to add everyone that you want in your Insta pod to a group message and create a name for your pod group.

Insta Pods

Once you have all your Insta Pod together in the group you will need to message everyone and set some basic friendly rules. The idea is to have everyone post in the group when they post an image so that everyone else can go comment and like that image.

Insta Pods

How to increase engagement on an Insta pod –

To increase engagement on posts you will need to convince everyone who is in your Insta pod to turn on post notifications on for everyone. That way whenever someone in your pod posts a picture, everyone will be notified and they can go comment and like the image that way.

Insta Pods

Insta pods are intended to help each other gain more visibility in the Instagram algorithm because if a recently posted photo is getting lots of engagement (likes, and comments with more than four words), it’s more likely that it’ll rank favourably in the algorithm.

When commenting on a post always remember these top tips to create a higher engagement.

  • Use a minimum of four words in your comment as Instagram.
  • Avoid generic phrases that you may use on other Instagram accounts.
  • Personalise your comment to help make the image unique.
  • Tag the user in the comment when you reply to create an even more personal touch.

What are the benefits of Insta pods?

Highlighted Posts

Insta pods are perfect for this big part of it is getting rapid engagement. If you have 20 other Instagram accounts in your pod and 10 of them instantly like the post and leave a comment it sends a huge message to Instagram to send this post into a much more featured area and increases the likelihood of it being seen by even more users.


When people see a conversation going on under an Instagram post, they are more likely to leave their own comments. This is especially true if they can see that you are responding to people and being a part of the conversation. Your Instagram pod buddies can play a crucial role in kicking off some authentic engagement on your posts.

Your Insta pod can play a vital role in kicking off some authentic engagement on your posts by simply starting the conversation.

It’s important to remember that an Insta Pod might not solve all of your algorithm woes but when used as just one part of a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy, they can add value.

Content will always be king

Regardless if you’re using an Instagram pod or not, the main objective is to use the app as a way to grow your business.  However you choose to do it, I’m in full support.

Instagram is the number one platform for influencers and brands, which means businesses should care about content just as much. Followers, likes and comments from friends are good but don’t mean much and appear as favours when content is lacking.

No matter which social media channel you use for engagement be sure to prioritise quality content as number one.

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