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Event Photography

By Sadie on September 1, 2010

Event Photography Manchester Drifting

Photography is a key element in making your website stand out and look great, a good website design can be made even better with good photography. SEO Creative have offered website photography for a while but have recently expanded with Event photography.

As we approach our first year of the website being live we have expanded our business with new recruits and joining with more freelancers to offer a fuller service. One of the ways we have grown our services is with event photography. We have 2 new photographers who are very experienced in event photography, as well as website, commercial, wedding and portrait photography. It is for this reason we are proud to offer photography as an additional service.

Event photography Manchester has become very popular as many event organisers like to document successful events with film and photography. By getting good images from your event you can give people a good idea of future events, and it also encourages people who attended the event to come back to your website where they may see something else of interest.

Event organisers will also want to show off how well their plans went ahead with any photographs of decorations or influential guests. We offer experienced event photographers who can not only document your event in image but will not intrude on the actual event by staying in the back ground. We can offer you either one or two photographers for the event and will bring any lights and equipment we may need to get the lighting right. We will capture staged shots as well as photographs of your guests enjoying themselves. At the end you will get the disc and the rights of your images to use on your website. Bcause we give you the rights to your images you can also use the images on printed documents, brochures or leaflets you may wany to produce. This is a low cost option as many photographers will only give you edited web versions that are not suitable for any other medium and will charge you extra if you need a different resolution or any print outs.

Over the next month we will be updating the website to include more images in our photography portfolio and you can get a better idea of the photography we now have on offer.

For more information on our services and new photography offerings then get in contact.