E-commerce companies can improve revenue with these online marketing tips

E-commerce companies can improve revenue with these online marketing tips

By Lee on April 26, 2017

E-commerce websites can seem overwhelming to manage, but effective information architecture, SEO and content marketing strategies can make a huge difference.

Take a look below at our key tips regarding SEO and content marketing advice.

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The powerful impact of SEO harnessed to content marketing

SEO can be a powerful tool. At Falkon Digital we have seen lots of clients increase revenue by attracting more organic search traffic. This can also sometimes lead to a sales boost offline as well as more customers find their e-commerce website through online search engines.

Let’s take a closer look at winning marketing strategies of successful web shops and e-commerce companies.

Successful e-commerce companies use search & analytics data to inform their strategy.

Obviously, a business should serve its customers’ needs. But many e-commerce sites are built without even looking at search data which is where they fail.

Successful e-commerce websites, including those with multiple retail outlets across the country, gain an advantage by doing their research before formulating a customer-centric SEO and content marketing strategy. They research what people are searching across online search engines like Google. by carefully studying search terms, phrases and keywords.

Just by looking at search volumes, you can get a sense of which products have the highest and lowest demand. As a business knowing information like this is crucial and if you arent already looking at research like this you should be hiring an online marketing company to do some professional keyword research and analysis for you.

By combining search data with sales figures and conversion rate data from their web analytics, it’s easier to predict financial outcomes, even before an SEO strategy is implemented.

When combined with historical sales figures and profit margins in popular categories, this gives a realistic picture of where the company stands, how well they’re doing, and where opportunities lie to increase market share.

For most successful e-commerce businesses data is king. Facts and figures of how well products are doing can be what determines a business to focus on. This helps businesses prioritise their focus on the best-performing products and phrases to help reap the rewards in increased sales.

Their information architecture and website structure are customer-focused.

The website of a successful e-commerce company doesn’t mirror its organisational structure. Instead, the focus is on what customers want.

Using analytics from Google to uncover user intent, smart marketers first identify frequently asked questions and solutions that customers are searching for. Addressing them promptly and clearly gives their visitors a great experience because they feel understood and cared for. If you help your customers with a user-friendly experience then you are likely to be rewarded with conversions in return.

To deliver a unique online experience, successful e-commerce websites will look through all available search data to find questions, needs, problems and important issues that prospective customers might have. By doing this they can build a customer-oriented website that is effective and easy to navigate.

Their content strategy is based on search data.

As search engines like Google become integrated earlier in the buying process, often at the decision-making stage, content has become more important for targeting and penetrating markets.

The best content marketing investments are, of course, based on consumer data like keyword research and analysis. Businesses who grow revenue and profits rapidly create only content that matters to their customers — content that can have a positive impact on sales whilst building long-term relationships.

Successful e-commerce business now knows that it’s more effective when you work together with an online marketing company rather than having an online marketing company work for you. At Falkon Digital we make sure our team is working alongside your business. When businesses keep us informed of their targets we make sure we plan ahead to work towards those targets with all our clients so that everybody is on the same page.

They solve critical problems early in the planning phase.

Top-performing e-commerce businesses aren’t in panic mode during production or post-production. They don’t rush into website planning without advice from how the website will work from a marketing point of view.

Developing a customer-centric e-commerce website begins with comprehensive keyword research and analysis carried out by an online marketing professional. This is a great opportunity to find out what micro-moments reveal about their customers’ desires and fears.

This is more valuable than a phone call or email surveys that businesses will send out. People may not tell you what’s really bothering them. But by observing their online behaviour, you’ll get precious insights into how your customers work. Search data will provide a bird’s-eye view of customers’ unfiltered thoughts and track their behaviour patterns.

They follow SEO best practices for e-commerce websites.

There’s nothing new about e-commerce SEO. It’s just a specialised service that companies like ourselves put together an SEO strategy combined with online marketing tactics specifically to suit the unique challenges of e-commerce websites.

Sometimes for many years, you can find businesses that are not performing well organic search wise because someone forgot to implement well-known SEO best practices at the very start. This is another reason why it’s always best to get a marketing team to look over the site before it goes live.

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Search engines have never before been a more integral part of your customers’ lives. Ignoring SEO is as good as sending your customers to your competition. Knowing that content and SEO must be integrated, it’s time to shift your focus to whatever drives business results and achieves business goals.

In the past, people have buried their head in the sand believing that e-commerce SEO is just a passing fad and those businesses, unfortunately, will of lost out on business in the online world we now live in. With these online marketing tips hopefully if you can not make the mistakes and set up your business to succeed the way it should do.

The advice we have suggested above can be complicated and difficult so if you need any advice regarding your online marketing for your website feel free to contact us and we can put a digital marketing strategy in place for your business.