Dorian Gray movie website

Dorian Gray movie website

By Luke on September 1, 2009

Screenshot from the Dorian Gray movie website

Another Flash movie website has been released for the upcoming film ‘Dorian Gray’. We love Flash websites when they’re used in the right context, and movies are the perfect medium. Although the Dorian Gray website looks visually very impressive, there is unfortunately very little interaction for the user. The only options currently available are to watch a trailer, read some background text or view a photo gallery. Why a Flash website is needed for this I don’t know, as it prevents it from being search engine optimised which is a major failing (I found the link to this website only in the sponsored links in Google).

There are some other options available to the user, but these have no functionality yet and are marked with ‘coming soon’ tags. This may explain why the site is currently so basic, but the film is released in 8 days so you would have thought these things would really have been added by now! The site also fails to inspire me to see the film, even though the trailer looked good. There are annoying sound effects on the button over states, and although the design is quite nice I wasn’t presented with anything that will really get me excited about the film.

Ultimately I was again disappointed with the latest Flash movie website, but the film does like quite interesting from the trailer. I wonder if the lack of interactivity is down to the agency responsible or a lack of budget from the producers? If you want to the site for yourself, you can try and find it by looking in the sponsored links section when entering the search term ‘dorian gray movie website’. Alternatively you can click on this link:

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